My 2013 Fashion Resolutions, Why not?

Hello! Happy #Fashion New Year,
I know it's January the 20th but still mean it.
On this Sunny 'January' Sunday from #Calico, Cali-Colombia (the world capital of salsa), my hometown, Yeyy! There's nothing better than re-evaluate my New Year resolutions, well duh!  Isn't it all that yackety-yak we all write down year after year kind of the same?  I'm going to Eat healthy, Work out, be a better person, read some more, stop drinking/smoking, and chat, chat, chat... 
It's the same song we play every January.
This time around, aren't you tired of setting yourself up for failure? No offense.
For that reason today I've come out with something new in every kind of list I've done before, my 2013 fashion resolutions’s list that is ACTUALLY  achievable
 Why don't you do the same? It is NOT materialistic, is fashion sensitiveness and off course I want you all guys also eating healthy, being law-abiding, etc., etc.
 But if we think about it, is a fact that fashion speaks louder than words these days around, then it's not that bad also having a 2013 Fashion Resolution list.

So, here is my list:

Get your closet organized. No more mess or drama in that area. It is great when we have our cloths perfectly hanging on that rack. Tip: if you have no more space get a rack. I've got 2 and it's great, also looks kind of cool in my room.

Stop using crocs. Please, love yourself!

Accept the fact that leggings are NO PANTS.

 Stop being a Fashion victim and become a Fashion Lover. Fashion trends (Oh, I Love to know what's the next big thing) but please DO always remember fashion trends should be working for you and your life-style, not YOU being working for them.
Getting inspired from other's people sense of style is wonderful, but that doesn't mean you have to become a Copy Cat.

Mixing & matching high-low style is great! Yes, indulge yourself in some great luxury acquisitions like that bag, those shoes or that blazer... there's nothing wrong, we all love luxury (which, according to Coco Chanel -"luxury is no the opposite of poverty, is the opposite of vulgarity"), and yes!  If you work hard, you play hard 'hunny'.  But wait a minute, don't you ever dare to forget this fashion rule: high-low. Mix it up and win. There are lots of some low-cost cloths we also can rock. Which means as money can't buy you class, neither style.

 Eeeeverybody always asking me: - Oh! Pepa, what's the next big fashion trend?, and sometimes I'm so not in the mood to answer (as I know I’m-no trend-forecasting-machine). However, according to how this world is evolving this days, as the world is changing so fast, also fashion, what I'm ALWAYS going to tell you, is that the next big global trend is FIGHT YOUR FEARS  (which obviously includes: style fears).

Technically, this year the big trends have gone to Patchwork, minimal white, or total-color-lover, op art, graphic prints (loving the stripes, chess squares as seen on Louis Vuitton S/S 2013), 60's are back so take out your sake dress type YSL Mondrian Day-Dress A/W 1965 which probably all our moms already rocked but now is your time to rock the streets.  Do your best.

Even though Emerald is the Pantone official color of the year, when in doubt wear black, just pay attention to new silhouettes, textures and EVOLVE the typical LDB (Little Black Dress), jump into the next level and stop being so 2000 and late.

Some women dress to impress...  men or frenemies. This year try to dress for your own self.

Read a fashion book, there's lots of wonderful inspiration out of them.

The eternal question, Style or Fashion? All I can say is: fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with that. Putting that clear, between Style and Fashion just try to find your own freedom, the trick is easy.

Wishing you all have a wonderful 2013 and may all your resolutions (at least the fashion ones) come true.  
X Pm

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