PATCHWORK: Many fabrics are better than one

By: Isabel Riascos Economist, Fashion Writer and Brand consultant for Fashion Ezine - Italy
Patchwork the ancestral piecing of small shapes of fabric into one large piece that started by the Egyptians has been re-taken by the fashion world onto the runways in a lively context of art and uniqueness creating a bit of an edgy pieces.

In our day the vibe it’s all about evolving, particularly through your inner being, similar case for fashion trends. They are no longer plain or minimalistic taking us thru a more is more land, and one of them is Patchwork, many fabrics are better than one, right?

Michael Van Der ham S/S RT 2013. Photo courtesy of: Style.com

When I first think of patchwork my mind goes straight to my grandmother Pepa who use to spend hours and hours doing all of this fantastic patchwork’s quilts for us. I still have them with me and there are 3 words that come to my mind as the root of this fabulous craft: dedication, soul and love.

This catchy craft has been noted in history since very early time. At the beginnings was a craft generated by pure necessity and some practical reasons. Patchwork in the Great Depression was a way to recycle worn clothing into warm quilts since even very small and worn pieces of material are used. Within time history reveals it became a very popular pastime that anyone could do.

Patchwork means diversity which is perfect for this everyday world, as in diversity we find enrichment of cultures, in many pieces of fabrics making one piece we find uniqueness that spice up our day to day style.

As seen on the major S/S 2013 catwalks last year a lot of fashion designers went back to the roots of patch working and the result was arty, matchless, and flamboyant attires very far from the country atmosphere of patch working. As a result of that interaction we enjoy bold and fashionable silhouettes that have their own big statement on the catwalk.

Animal Print as seen on Preen Spring 2013 RTW by Thornton Bregazzi. 
London Fashion Week. An edgy printed A-line dress nothing is missing there.  
photo: Style.com

Animal Print and lace as seen on Erdem Spring 2013 RTW. 
Both Python & Patchwork are developing a trend statement for this season.

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