Michael Jackson: The King Of Style

"Michael Jackson’s image was as much a work of art as the man himself. Through his music, dance, and fashion, he created a mystique that engaged the senses and intoxicated the soul. Michael was the visionary of his style" - Michael Bush

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If there's a pop star which style hypnotized the entire world was MJ's unique style. He was and still is a global Icon, in fact the icon of Icons in pop culture. One of a kind type of stars that according to the sui generis theory just it's gonna take like 50-100 years to see another star like him... An Icon is a man or woman which Grace + Style captivate people's attention and  make them want to look or be exactly like them. I still remember the fever of my older brother with his iconic Thriller Red Jacket. 

Today it's been 4 years since the king of pop left this world and went straight to heaven close to Elvis Presley, Alexander McQueen  and other major big stars. 
I want to feature his infamous clothes designe by Michel bush and available on his book THE KING OF STYLE, so if you are a real fan same as me, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it. 

The beginning! - Michael Bush sketches
The Famous Pearl Jacket!

Two of my favorite people in music history together :MJ and Diana Ross- Picture courtesy of Michael Bush

Michael Bush launching th BOOK: The King of Style Oh I also want his jacket lol

Book cover

Iconic silverware jacket

Michael Bush The designer behind the icon. 

All pictures are courtesy of Tompkins /Bush Archives

Just in case, The most iconic leather jacket in music history was the red one worn by Michael Jackson on Thriller's Video designed by Deborah Nadoolman Landis, same costume designer of all time famous movies as Indiana Jones and my funniest movie ever Coming To America, which gave her an Academy Award for Costume Design :

The iconic jacket, designed by Deborah Nadoolman-Landis, sold for the small amount of 1.8 million dolars at an auction in 2011 =O! 
I'll love MJ 4 EVER!

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